Entry #1

Bad news

2013-11-06 07:16:05 by PopAlexCristian

I got some bad news.Now I can`t do any art.Says something about cas are on support the formats.


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2013-11-16 08:37:56

Ah well that sucks. Is the format you're trying to use not supported? Didn't really get what you're saying above.

PopAlexCristian responds:

yeah like that.


2013-11-16 15:23:31

Have you tried something like http://www.convertmyimage.com/

Most programs let you save images in different formats btw, which are you using? jpg, gif and png are the most common.

PopAlexCristian responds:

I tried to say,but my last art was without convert image.


2013-11-17 04:39:41

Well which program are you using?

PopAlexCristian responds:

im using,JPG.


2013-11-17 06:28:37

JPG should work fine! That's the format btw, not the program.